ABOUT Designer Braai & Fireplaces

Add a spark to your life

          Designer Braai & Fireplaces specializes not only in heating but in changing your house into a home. Even if you only use your fireplace for 5 months of the year, you must want to live with it for life.

          When you invest in heating, do it with one of the best products on the market - a product from Designer Braai & Fireplaces - an asset which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Quality and value-for-money is what you will get with your investment, and the service and after-sales service you'll receive is a bonus.

The all-inclusive service includes :

  • On-site visit and measuring
  • Technical advice
  • Servicing of gas braais and fireplaces
  • Custom build products
  • Various installation options

              Designer Braai & Fireplaces is proud to stock the widest range of fireplaces, including wood, anthracite, imported gas and ceramic fireplaces. Perfection is guaranteed in each product.

    Says a spokesman for the company:

              "We have yet to find a fireplace or braai which can "out-smoke" us. We guarantee that only selected best quality steel is used in our steel creations. We use a variety of materials such as wood, marble, stainless steel, ceramics and resin, to manufacture products according to your specifications. We custom build and design to your needs and take the utmost care when we undertake our installations."

              "If  you would like to experience our personal service, please contact us. We would like to extend our showroom into your home as each of our creations is a unique masterpiece."

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  • Pasella
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  • SA Home Owner
  • Architect & Builder
  • Top Huis
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