Fans and Extractors

Chimney Fan Radial extractor fan for mounting on chimney tops

  • Constructed in steel to withstand harsh atmospheric conditions and coated in corrosion-proof polyester resin.
  • Designed to draw out smoke from the fireplace though it can be used as a normal exhaust fan.
  • Flow rate and pressure are guaranteed because they are certified by the IMQ Information Label.
  • Ball bearing mounted and Class H induction motor to withstand high temperatures (approx 200C), for long periods of operation.
  • Advanced blade design prevents soot built up.
  • Complete with variable speed controller SCNR and sub-frame.

  • Specifications

    Volt at 50Hz 220-240
    Watt 120
    Rated current (A) 0.50
    RPM 1400
    Extract capacity (m3/hr) 750
    Max pressure mmH2O 19
    Sound power level (dBA) 64
    Sound pressure level (dBA) 3m 52
    Inlet dia. (mm) 170
    kg 14
    Conforms with ISO 3744 for noise and pressure levels


    Pressure/performance curve


    Power Flue Gas Fires

    There is nothing to compare with an open fire to bring a wonderful atmosphere to a room, creating warmth, relaxation and an incomparable focal point. Whatever style of fireplace, the room does not come alive until there are real flames burning in the grate. With so many homes built without a chimney, having a real fire used to be just an expansive dream. All that has changed with the Power Flue. Designed for gas only with simple installations that take up the minimum amount of room. The Power Flue is fitted to any type of fireplace. A quiet and powerful exhaust fan mounted on a convenient outside wall replaces the chimney. The fan draws all the fumes from the fire, safely expelling them outside the house. The ducting taking the fumes from the fire to the fan is either hidden behind the fireplace or false chimney breast. The Power Flue is fitted with a safety automatic ignition system and has a variable flame height control. The Power Flue allows you to have the fireplace of your choice with a beautiful and efficient open fire.

    Stainless steel hood


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